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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Radio program update

I wanted to take a moment to remind folks that Kevin and i will be on the radio Sunday at 7:30 pm for the first of our weekly broadcasts. The program is called Shooting the Bull, and it'll be on WXDU, 88.7 FM every Sunday evening through the summer. Our featured topic tomorrow will be the recent proposal by the city to "streamline" the development review process, and our guests will be Durham City Council member Eugene Brown and Durham Planning Commission member (and former chairperson) Don Moffitt.

If you've got any questions for these gentlemen, you can email them to No guarantees on whether we'll be able to use any or not, but you never know. The program will also be available as a stream at, and, if we can get our technical chops together, as a podcast shortly after the live broadcast.

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