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Friday, March 07, 2008

The contradiction of having full reservoirs and being in a drought

From the N&O:
City Manager Patrick Baker said he didn't anticipate dropping down to Stage III, but indicated that if the city gets a lot of rain this weekend, as projected, the idea of dropping to Stage III will at least be discussed next week.

It's entirely possible that by the end of the day Monday, both of Durham's reservoirs will be filled to capacity.

Yes, we understand that both reservoirs were near full last May, and that all it took was 5 months of no rainfall accompanied by little or no conservation efforts to get us down to about a month's worth of water in the storage bin.

But doesn't that mean, in addition to asking residents not to flush the toilets and limit themselves to 4 minute showers 5 times a week, that our city and county leaders need to start thinking about development issues also?

Or are we going to continue to say yes to every proposed new subdivision, only to ask the new residents to let the yellow mellow every other summer?

I mean, if we've stored absolutely as much water as our system can hold, and we're still forced to act as though we're in a drought, how can we even think about putting more strains on the system by accepting new development?

Just sayin'.

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