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Friday, March 07, 2008

Obviously, she's not taking her campaign advice from me

When i wrote:
First, an explicit recognition that Democrats are not running against each other. This means a declaration from each of the campaigns that their opponent is fully qualified to lead the nation and expresses all of the values of the Democratic party: equal justice, equal opportunity, and equal rights in a society that is not governed by fear. Grassroots Democrats get this. We know that we have two strong candidates capable of leading America out of the morass that 4 decades, and especially the past eight years, of mostly Republican rule have left us in.

this wasn't exactly what i had in mind.

But just what on earth is Hillary Clinton talking about when she says she's crossed the "commander in chief threshold" which John McCain has also crossed but Barack Obama hasn't?

. . .

Hillary Clinton seems to think she's a strong contender in this latter category. But that's a joke. She's starting her second term in the US senate, where, yes, she serves on the Armed Services committee. Beside that she's never held elective office and she has little executive experience. I think she can argue that she'd make and would make a strong commander-in-chief. But she's pushing a metric by which she's little distinguishable from Barack Obama. I'm honestly surprised she's not drawing chuckles on this one.

A lot of people are seeing red that Hillary's so aggressively pushing the Republican nominee's credentials to be president. And I can see their point. But I'm more surprised that she's pushing an argument she doesn't need to make and frankly can't make credibly.



  • Maybe she's McCain's Trojan Horse?

    Our political system is so sick, so dysfunctional, that it resembles less a 2-party system than a one-party system with "branches."

    Obama touts "change" and this apparently makes him a moving target for...everybody?

    I could respect Hillary more if she would "throw the kitchen sink" at her REPUBLICAN opponent once in a while, not at a fellow Democrat.

    But how genteel of me. Ask yourself, what would Karl Rove do?

    By Blogger Tony, at 8:28 PM  

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