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Thursday, April 01, 2010

I could get behind that

Friend of the blog JS sent this out via several area listservs last night:
In Durham WE HAVE a BIAS for ACTION when it comes to equal opportunity for our children, Teachers and their Schools:

We are a group asking for a $20 donation from 2,000 Durham citizens so every elementary school in Durham is able to have a garden classroom. We believe that all children deserve an equal opportunity to have a quality education and good health which will be enhanced by hands-on work and school programming related to their garden. We also believe that what one public school has, so should all the others.

Lets do it now, not talk about it for a year.

NEEM, a non-profit sustainable urban agriculture organization and a project of the Preservation Committee of the Neighborhood PRIDE Alliance, in partnership with Neighborhood Improvement Services, Duke University and our other partners have six school gardens scheduled and fully or partially funded. Funding is in place for Kitchen Garden Classroom Curriculum development along with membership at Bull City Forward, – a working space dedicated to helping high impact ideas get to scale. This is a call to action by us to you to fund the rest.

Donate here if you're so moved.



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