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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The return of the prodigal recycling cart

So last week, on trash and recycling pickup day, my blue, 90 gallon, roll-out recycling cart vanished sometime between 9:30 pm and 9:00am, when i went to retrieve it after our recycling was picked up.

I duly reported this to the city problem solving branch. Today, on trash pickup (but not recycling pickup - we only do that every other week now) a recycling cart was waiting in my front yard when i arrived home from work.

Not just any brand new recycling cart either. This one has definitely been around the block a time or two. There's about a half pint of viscous fluid on the bottom, and a distinct aroma of rancid tuna oil all around this thing. I'm sure it's had some adventures around Durham for the past week.

Oh, if it could only talk.

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