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Friday, December 04, 2009

Asheville justice?

A while back i noted a story up in Asheville where some motorist took a shot at a guy on bicycle and put a bullet through his helmet.

Here's some more on the judge who handed out a 4 month sentence in that case:
During Peterson's Nov. 19 trial, seven people testified to Superior Court Judge James Downs about the defendant's redemption. In addition to family members, they included his therapist; GO co-founder Dan Leroy; a juvenile whom Peterson had helped; and Detective Louis Tomasetti of the Asheville Police Department's Gang Suppression Unit.

But apparently, Judge Downs wasn't moved. Although he did rule that Peterson's "local support network" and acceptance of responsibility for his crime were mitigating factors, he still sent the young man to prison for 44 months.

. . .

By coincidence, just after sentencing Peterson, Judge Downs heard the case of Charles Alexander Diez, the former Asheville firefighter who fired on cyclist Alan Simons in July. At the time, Simons was walking away from a confrontation started by Diez, who narrowly missed shooting the cyclist in the head. In court, Diez claimed it was a "warning shot."

After hearing testimony about Diez's good character from former colleagues, Downs suspended most of the defendant's 15- to 27-month sentence. He will spend four months in prison.

Really, go read the whole thing. A commenter at the Mountain Express has helpfully posted Judge Downs contact information, if you'd like to let him know just how bad his decisions make him look.

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  • an amazing case. He went to his car, retrieved a gun, walked back to the scene, aimed the gun directly at the guy's head, and fired at his head.

    punishment: Four months.


    By OpenID horseandbuggypress, at 11:41 AM  

  • So insane. I bet the fact that he was a firefighter weighed heavily in that decision also.

    By Blogger Stockard Channing, at 6:13 PM  

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