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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Beaver Queen Pageant - If You're Going . . .

Here's a few things to keep in mind.

Duke Park is in the middle of the Duke Park neighborhood. Parking is at a premium. Please obey all parking signs and don't block anybody's driveway. If you can walk or bike, even better. (One day, i hope to be able to write, "Take public transportation to the Pageant," but not, alas, this year.)

The Duke Park Meadow, behind the bathhouse on Acadia Street, is affectionately referred to by neighborhood residents as "the swamp." A branch of Ellerbe Creek is culverted directly beneath the meadow. It's going to be wet there following all the rain we've had. (Fortunately, no rain is forecast for today.) Bring chairs and tarps if you've got them, but blankets on the ground are probably going to get soggy.

Food and beverages will be available for purchase from the Only Burger truck and a LocoPops kiosk. With hundreds of people expected to attend the Pageant, though, you might want to pack your own picnic. Duke Park is a City of Durham facility. That means alcohol is prohibited.

Souvenir programs, T-Shirts, and tchotchkes will be on sale for you to have tangible reminders of the Pageant. Sales via cash or check only. All profits are donated to the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association, so you'll be helping a good cause in addition to building your memory stash.

The number one guideline of Beaver Queen Pageant is having fun. We do this because we enjoy it. We want you to enjoy it too.

See you tonight.

Peace. Love. Beaver.



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