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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Air of inevitability?

Rob Christensen in the N&O:
There is an air of inevitability about state Sen. Kay Hagan. She has been recruited by the national party, her campaign literature includes the blessings of the governor, and she has earned her spurs at the legislature.

That's just lazy writing. If one thing has become clear throughout the early months of the 2008 campaign, it's that the stale "air of inevitability" that some candidates try to wrap themselves in has gotten blown away by the overwhelming desire for change among the electorate.

People are pissed off.

Kay Hagan didn't get into the race until after Schumer and his pals at the DSCC panicked and twisted her arm after Jim Neal's announcement. Why? Because she didn't think she could win.

Do we really want a candidate who doesn't think she can win?

Hagan may win the nomination. But it won't be because of her inevitability.

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