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Monday, June 04, 2007

Still more trash talkin'

Solid Waste Management Director Donald Long this morning on the InterNeighborhood Council listserv:
I favor an all user-tax based program.

The News and Observer reported last week that:
City residents would pay a single annual fee of $51.48 to have garbage, yard waste, recycling and bulky items collected from their curbsides, if the City Council approves a proposal from Solid Waste Management Director Donald Long.

I've emailed Mr. Long expressing my support for the tax based program, and pointing out the discrepancies in these two statements. I'll post an update when he responds.

UPDATE: Donald Long writes:
The N&O article simply stated the options; he never asked which option I prefer. I attempted to cover all the bases and put the conceivable options on the table for the CM and the Council to consider.

So hopefully our elected officials will now make the right decision and make sure that everyone's trash and yard waste gets picked up. In a perfect world, the city's yard waste composting facility will be back in business early in the next fiscal year as well.

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