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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Some Beaver Queen Pageant highlights

There was simply way too much packed into two hours last night to do justice to the event. Tony should have his video up on YouTube real soon, and we'll link to it just as soon as it is. Meanwhile, enjoy these images.

Rosalia and her kits lead the crowd in the Beaver Chant. "Beaver five, beaver six, Let's all grab our beaver sticks!"

Celebrity judge Mary K. Mart

Celebrity judge Blazer Manpurse

Celebrity judge B. A. Hunter

Be Vell Bevon's wetlands ready wear outfit

Flapper LaTail sang a unique version of the 1920s hit "Yes Sir, That's My Beaver."

Belvis reached deep into the bag of chestnuts, and came up with a moving version of his big hit, "In the Meadow."

Stayin' alive with the Disco Beaver Fever Dance Ensemble

Yogi Beaver seduces the judges. From left, Mary K. Mart, Blazer Manpurse, "Bada" Bing, Mr. B. A. Hunter. Not shown, Kama Suture.

The new queen is crowned

By the way, you can see a few more photos here.

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