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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beaver Queen Pageant - Meet your judges

Third in a series

If you're a Durham resident, chances are you've been to the monthly Drag Bingo fundraiser at the Durham Armory. Mary K. Mart and the BVDs (Bingo Verification Divas) host this event to raise money for the Alliance of Aids Services - Carolina, and are able to donate all of their proceeds to this worthy organization.

We are thrilled and honored that Mary K. Mart has agreed to be a judge for this year's Beaver Queen Pageant, and only wish our damned email app hadn't garbled some of the answers to our questions. If we're fortunate, she'll find the time to resend them, but if not, you'll have to come out to the pageant to see Mary's fabulous costume, and find out where she got it.

Here, in her own words, and fresh from her write-up in Time Magazine, is Mary K. Mart:
I was born the daughter of a poor, but attractive lettuce picker from the Hills of West Virginia. At the ripe marrying age of 16, I grabbed my teeth and my shoes and moved to NC where I took up residence at a local Trailer Park/Live Bait Shoppe.

I have been doing Trailer Park Prize Night at Club Flex in downtown Raleigh for over 10 years, as I can't afford a good attorney to get me out of the contract.

I have also been the reigning Queen of Drag Bingo for the past 5 years helping raise over $600,000 to help those living with HIV/AIDS

DE: What Qualifies you to be a Beaver Queen Judge?

MKM: Although, I have not personally seen a "Beaver", especially one in captivity, I have been judging Queens forever. Me, with all the trailer park fashion sence, big hair and big shoes, I feel that I am the perfect judge for the contest. Plus I was a former judge at the Miss Wombat Pageant 4 years ago!!

Unfortunately, here's where the rest of the interview gets lost. But you can catch up with Mary online here, and come out to the Duke Park meadow on Saturday night and catch up with her in person.



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