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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Iraq news

What to make of this?
Northeast of the capital, there was more gruesome Iraqi-on-Iraqi murder. Men in Iraqi army uniforms rousted Kurdish villagers from their homes, separated out the able-bodied men, and shot dead 15, according to an Iraqi general and a Kurdish political party.

It was the latest incident in months of sectarian killings in lawless Diyala province and officials said Saturday that the local army commander was fired by the government.

. . .

The execution-style slayings of 15 Kurds in Hamid Shifi, 60 miles northeast of Baghdad by the men posing as troops, stood out because details of the event were known.

Since they "fired" the local army commander, it's a pretty safe assumption that the men weren't merely "posing" as Iraqi troops. These are the guys we're arming and training. These are they guys who are supposed to "stand up" so we can "stand down." Remember that?

There's a reason why the Democratic Congress' approval ratings are starting to rival those of President Bush, and it's got very little to do with the new immigration bill.

There's no more honor to be salvaged from our Iraq misadventure. This is an entirely predictable end to a foreign policy based more on the philosophy of the sign directly below than it is on any knowledge of the real world and how it works. It's time to stop pretending that anything good can come of this, and just bring our people home.



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