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Friday, May 18, 2007

Now that's what I call civilized

Tomorrow's the big game, the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Man U. It's the English Super Bowl, if you don't follow soccer, the culmination of a season long tournament that runs parallel to league play, that every club, from local amateur sides to the highest level international players, is able to participate in. (Fox Soccer Channel won't be showing the game until Tuesday night, so please don't tell me the score, OK?)

Over in the British Isles, where gambling is legal, you can get a line on virtually every possible circumstance surrounding the game. My favorite?
Paddy Power (an Irish bookmaker) has opened a book on the BBC's first commentary cliche during the match, with "worth the wait" the favourite at 6-1.

On a more serious note, i like what the Brits are doing to encourage the 90,000 + fans attending the game to use public transportation.
A spokesman for Wembley said fans attending Saturday's match were being encouraged not to bring their cars. He said there were good public transport links nearby and nowhere to park during the game.

Try that in Southern California.



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