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Friday, May 18, 2007

Iraq - still more thoughts

Rereading the Iraq post below, published last night, i realized that, having written it over a period of several days, it may not have the focus i was aiming for.

so here's the executive summary.

The US is making the same mistakes in Iraq that the Soviets made in Afghanistan. The consequences of those mistakes were fatal to the Soviet Union, and pretty disastrous for the rest of the world, since, arguably the Soviet misadventure in Afghanistan is what allowed al-Qaeda to originally organize, and the Taliban to come to power.

The consequences of the US mistakes in Iraq are unpredictable, but likely to be as serious as those that followed the Soviet misadventure. The time remaining to us to change course and avoid these consequences is rapidly disappearing.

If the pundits would rather argue about Rosie O'Donnell, and the Congress wants to pretend that they are providing oversight while refusing to do what needs to be done about the Bush administration, then we're pretty well fucked. If my kids were little, i'd be teaching them to speak Chinese.



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