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Monday, October 05, 2009

"New expenditures"

Bob Ashley over at the Herald-Sun climbs aboard the pedestrian safety train:
But until we get serious about improving the miles of roads and streets in or city that all but repel walkers and riders, we'll be stuck with pedestrian routes that are not only discouraging, but also fatal.

He also, alas, betrays his new to the area status with this:
The city has a pedestrian plan, and hearts are in the right place. Unfortunately, this is not an environment to talk about new expenditures.

Bob missed out on the 1996 bond issue. The sidewalk portion of the bond was sold to Durham voters with the promise that those funds would provide at least one sidewalk along every major thoroughfare in Durham.

Leaving aside for the moment that this barely begins to create a safe pedestrian environment, the number of major thoroughfares in Durham that still, thirteen years later, lack sidewalks is mind-boggling. This isn't a new expense. This is a commitment that the city of Durham made to its citizens thirteen years ago. Wouldn't be too late to keep it.



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