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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Good news

The storms over the holiday weekend did some damage around town, and (mercifully) cut short the Kevin Costner concert Friday night. They didn't do much for stream flows, though, at least at Lake Michie, where they never rose above the 20th percentile for the date. Things were a little better at the Little River, where inflows are dropping down to median levels after spiking at 90+cfs over the weekend.

The good news comes from the water usage tables where, for only the second time in 5 or so weeks, a watering day passed by without seeing usage spike above 30 million gallons.

Lake levels at Little River are still slightly below where they were this time last year; at Lake Michie they're significantly above, and holding steady. Our usage is still running about 18% below last year. I feel a little better about things right now.



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