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Monday, December 03, 2007

My own private culture crawl

Following the parade on Saturday, i tagged along with some Duke Parkers to Piedmont for drinks and snacks, then got handed off to some folks i only now casually for an after-parade party at Bull McCabe's. Those folks then handed me off again to a second set of revelers, most of whom i'd never met before. (i'm being deliberately vague here about just who these people are. Something about privacy? i don't really know.) After a few more drinks and nibbles, i made my way to Broad Street Cafe where i hooked up with some other friends (including BCR blogger Kevin, who shared some juicy downtown gossip that's too hot to print) to take in another of Jeff Hart's multiple band shows. See, Jeff plays in like, i don't know, two hundred different bands. And every month or so he manages to string several of them together for a show in town. I missed the last time one of the bands covered Television's Marquee Moon album, but i hear there'll be an encore performance in January.

Let me digress a bit from the pattern building i'm working on (i'll finish that up shortly) to comment a bit on the music. i'm not a musician or a critic, but, as the saying goes, i know what i like. The only band on the bill Saturday night that wasn't a Jeff Hart band was an outfit with the ungainly name A Refusal to Mourn the Death, By Fire, of a Child in London. Tim Sommer's band was already on when i walked in. They're an instrumental group, four guitarists arrayed across the stage. The sound was kind of chimey. I ordered a beer, found a friend, sat down, and started a conversaton. But i couldn't really hold my end of it up. I kept getting distracted by the music. It was wandering, pastoral, and grounded, all at the same time. I remembered airports at 5 am, long nights driving through fog in upstate New York or mountain passes in California. I haven't been in a room with anyone making music like that in a very long time. I hope to be in another one again soon.

I ended up sticking around the BSC longer than any of my friends, and for the third time that evening found myself in a long conversation with someone who i had pretty much never met before, about music, children, growth, mutual friends. That this happens in Durham, often, is one of the things that keeps me here, doing whatever little bit i can to pass that on.

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  • Barry,
    Den here. Being the mostly modest guy you are, I didn't really know your blog existed. That's normal for the blogosphere... but when your friends are doing one, it's nice to know about it.
    I guess you'd think a t-shirt saying:


    might be a little tacky.

    Your overview of the Broad St. expeience was on the money. Tim and Group's music was one long progression from beginning to beginning, and it made me think mostly of a morning raga, but Jim McGuinn and even The Bells of Rhimney by the Bryds came up in the mix, and I drifted along with the recurring sonorities very nicely. The crowd did appreciate the developing evening music, too, and then the various ways of Jeff and bands. The Meltzer/Hart Band was a rare treat to hear the solid skills of Tom Meltzer live... I don't think he'd mind me pulling some words of his off the BullCity/BNO webgroup...
    Tom Wrote:
    Thanks Pete, thanks Alan, and thanks to everyone who turned out
    tonight. An auspicious debut--I think the band played quite well. You
    can't have a great band without a great rhythm section--hats off to
    both Ken and Jon, who were rock solid. Playing over them was like
    riding the perfect wave--all you got to do is catch it and let the
    wave do the rest of the work for you.

    All the friends and Broad St. regulars made it a fine time, in a fine venue, that really takes the idea of a home-town bar and makes it completely real. And classy, too, if you want a Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout... they've got it! Same goes for Draft IPA and Porter.
    Thanks, Broad Street Cafe. Like home away from home, with more people, live music, great brews and the same old couches that you'd have at home.

    Now, Barry, I"ll have to dig back into your blog and see what ya been doin'....

    Den NC USA

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:45 PM  

  • thanks for the kind words barry. i passed on the review to tim sommer and co. was especially good seeing you at the show. - jeff

    By Blogger Jeff Hart, at 5:07 PM  

  • Jeff - thanks for putting the show together, especially for giving Tim's band a slot. can't wait for the next Amps show.

    By Blogger Barry Ragin, at 5:14 PM  

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