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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hail, and farewell

Any number of world cities boast superhero residents, at least on the big screen or in the brightly colored pages of comic books. But in the world of potholes, broken glass, and unsafe crosswalks, Durham has stood alone as the home town of a real live superhero.

Day job and secret identity? Check.

Cape and costume? Check.

Mission? Saving the world with rock and roll.

Super powers? Have you ever seen the Torch Marauder? If you've been to a Torch show, you don't have to ask about the man's powers.

Alas, all things must pass, and the blue-faced wonder is packing up the video screen and the action figures,
and moving on to the next phase, saving the world with heavy metal.

Let it always be remembered: "As the Spiderman is amazing, as the Hulk is incredible, as the Four are fantastic, so is, the Torch Marauder!"

Thanks, Torch, and keep watching the skies.



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