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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thinking about church signs

The observant reader will note that the church signs from the past two weeks are from the same First Free Will Baptist Church, in Beaufort, North Carolina. It's rare that i double up on the same church within a three month period, and unprecedented for the same church to make the list two weeks in a row. Churches generally don't change their signs more than once a month, and many times they post announcements of upcoming speakers or musical events, which i only rarely find interesting enough to document.

The first FFWB sign was photographed on Saturday, February 17th, as we drove from Atlantic Beach to Gloucester, North Carolina, to join the Mardi Gras festivities there. (And a splendid festival it was, too. I wish i could get some of those North River oysters in Durham.)

A couple of days later, we passed the church again on our way to the Cedar Island Ferry for a day trip to Ocracoke Island, and the second marquee had been posted. I don't know if we were just lucky enough to catch these guys on a change the marquee weekend, or if Pastor Richard C. Patterson is one of those prolific preachers who has a new message for travelers in his town every week. Either way, it's a pleasure to be able to record these messages for posterity and share them with you. I've got another dozen or so images from down east to post over the coming weeks, so stop by once in a while and check them out.


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