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Monday, February 12, 2007

Swampland preserved in Duke Park

It took 11 years after the city closed the Duke Park pool before they finally got around to actually removing the collapsing structure in 2005. Since then, neighbors have been asking the city to do something about the drainage problem that was created when the "meadow" was filled using industrial grade fill (plenty of chunks of concrete and broken glass) and poorly laid sod without any consideration given to the actual usage of the meadow.

After any decent rain, there's standing water on the site for 5-6 days, rendering it unusable for any of the functions which an area of this size and shape deserves, whether as a free play space for kids, or an amphitheater for performances by the Durham symphony.

Now, it looks like we have our answer as to what is going to become of this site.

What a shame. This could be one of the premier performance spaces/kids' play spaces in the entire city.

But now . . .

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  • When I walked by with Zoe, I thought it was a spoof, very professional sign, I thought, who in the Duke Park Neighborhood did it, my assumption was that it was to be remnder that
    the space should be reconsidered for Human Use.
    If it is to be a "WETLAND SWAMP"' we might suggest that the City consider making it a true
    wetland with a pond and wetland meadow. A refuge for wildlife to be enjoyed by all. The sign is
    an escape from taking responsibility and really solving the problem for the Community. I was never in favor of "burying" the pool and the history
    of Duke Park. Also, now that there is no money for
    maintenance or improvement our Neighborhood Duke Park will join the bad roads, cracked sidewalks and recreational opportunities, as well as a healthy environment for all citizens. A. Abbate
    209 W. Markham

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:32 PM  

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