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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

At least we didn't finish last

The BBC reports on a UNICEF study on child poverty among the industrialized nations.

The good news? The US beats the United Kingdom.

The bad news? That's the only country we rank ahead of.

In the study "Unicef looked at 40 indicators from the years 2000-2003 including poverty, family relationships, and health." The 40 indicators were divided up into 6 categories, and countries were ranked in each. The US finished no better than 12 out of 21, and that in only the category of "behavior and risks," primarily because our kids get more exercise than many others. But, according to USA Today, "The U.S. was last among the 21 nations for health and safety, measured by rates of infant mortality, low birth weight, immunization, and deaths from accidents and injuries."

Curious that Asian nations weren't included in the study, however. I'd be interested in seeing where Singapore, Japan, and South Korea, not to mention Russia and China, fit in the rankings.

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