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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Is the fix in?

If you are even remotely connected to anybody in Durham, chances are you've been asked to head over to the Food Network's Food Truck site and vote for Only Burger.

So far it's working.

But what does the fine print mean?
*Leader Board rankings and related Food Truck Grand Prize award subject to change based on independent judging organization final tallies at conclusion of Promotion Period.

So if they think the Portland or LA trucks will do better in the ratings, they'll push 'em to the top?


I have my own thoughts about these kinds of scams, in particular the one Pepsi is running right now where you get to vote on worthy charity projects, but i'll share those at another time. Just remember that your name, email address, and web surfing habits have intrinsic value to many people out there.



  • I wish it were as easy to get people to go vote for Elaine Marshall over Richard Burr as it presumably is it get people to vote for Only Burger. Nothing against Only Burger.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the Pepsi charity stuff. I've had friends who worked for non-profits that were in the running. Saw them lose to some petty lame causes. In the end, a tiny of sliver of Pepsi's profits goes to these causes. But they get a ton of PR in the process.

    By Blogger toastie, at 2:07 PM  

  • In the end, a tiny of sliver of Pepsi's profits goes to these causes. But they get a ton of PR in the process.

    In a nutshell.

    By Blogger Barry, at 2:18 PM  

  • I dont have any great love for Only Burger, though i support and whatnot...

    but damn if no one seems to be showing any sort of love for the DaisyCakes people who also have their airstream in the running.

    I dont hit their truck very often either, but they've come through some trials as of late, if i'm not mistaken.

    By Blogger Vera, at 3:15 PM  

  • I've heard good things about Daisy Cakes, though i haven't sampled their wares yet.

    You need to get on teh Facebook and tell people to start voting.

    By Blogger Barry, at 3:17 PM  

  • @Barry -- A leeeetle conspiratorial here I fear. The rules for the contest note:

    "Nominations, Operator Submissions & votes generated by script, macro or other automated means or by any means which subvert the nomination/voting process or deemed by the judges, in their sole discretion, to be immoral, obscene, profane or not in keeping with Sponsor's image or in violation of these Official Rules will be void. [...] Sponsor reserves the right to void any & all nominations, Operator Submissions & votes of a participant who Sponsor believes has attempted to tamper with, influence, or impair the administration, security, fairness, judging or proper play of Promotion & such participant will be disqualified.

    At the conclusion of the Voting Period, the potential Nominee with the highest number of eligible & valid votes, as determined by P/S/T, will be declared the potential Food Truck Prize winner. "

    P/S/T is the firm hired to run the contest.

    All I read that asterisk you cited to mean is that if the Tasty Toenails Truck (say) pulls ahead of the Putrid Pasta Palace on the last moment of the last day, but P/S/T detects shenanigans going on with late robo-voting or something, then yes, they can DQ the truck atop the leaderboard and appoint the winner.

    Seems like you have to have this rule.

    @Vera: I saw your comment on that over at BCR. I had no clue Daisy Cakes was in there since they were under the name Sugar, IIRC? At this point, anyway, I'm givin' all my votes to OB because they have a chance to win. Not that I don't like DaisyCakes; I just don't think they had the Power of Social Media that OB did.

    By Blogger Kevin, at 5:08 PM  

  • Kevin - that's a hole big enough to drive a (food) truck through.

    By Blogger Barry, at 5:36 PM  

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