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Monday, August 09, 2010

Is that Lowell Siler I hear giving his opinion about the NCDOT revocation?

Actually, no, it's not. Two weeks after saying his office needed two days to review, and a whole weekend after receiving the state AG's decision on the validity of the easement revocation, County Attorney Lowell "Encyclopedia Brown" Siler is still silent on whether NCDOT's revocation of an easement given by Southern Durham Development is valid or not. The validity of the revocation is directly proportional to the validity of a protest petition filed against a rezoning request by SDD - if the revocation is valid, the petition is valid, and SDD looks set to come up one vote short for their rezoning request. If the revocation is invalid, then so is the petition, and SDD will probably have enough votes at the Board of County Commissioners. Add to the mix is that Planning Department Director Steve Medlin is the official who actually makes the call on the validity of the petition, and he is not obligated to follow Siler's opinion. A correspondent informs me that as of 4 pm today, Medlin had still not heard from Siler.

Gee, i wonder how this will play out?

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