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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Two stories, noted without comment

Donte Stallworth:
Suspended Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth feels he has done "irreparable harm" to the family of the man he killed while driving drunk and said he is ready to accept whatever ruling NFL commissioner Roger Goodell makes on his future.

Stallworth, suspended indefinitely by the league for killing Mario Reyes while driving drunk in Miami, met with Goodell in New York on Wednesday about a possible reinstatement.

Stallworth was recently released from jail after serving 24 days for the DUI conviction.

. . .

The league has given no indication when Goodell will rule on Stallworth, who struck and killed Reyes on March 14, just a few hours after drinking at a Miami Beach club.

Stallworth had a blood-alcohol level of .126, above Florida's .08 legal limit.

The Browns have deferred all questions about Stallworth to the league. Coach Eric Mangini said Wednesday the team will address Stallworth's situation after Goodell makes his decision.

Adrian Mutu:
Adrian Mutu is facing a bill in excess of £14.6m after a Fifa compensation award to Chelsea was upheld by sport's highest court. The sum was for Mutu's breach of contract relating to his having tested positive for using cocaine in September 2004. He was sacked a month later and after the five-year-long legal battle that ensued, the Court of Arbitration for Sport today definitively rejected the Fiorentina and Romania striker's arguments.

. . .

"The CAS Panel concluded that the appeal brought by the player was to be dismissed and the measure of damages, as awarded by the DRC, was to be confirmed. Adrian Mutu must therefore pay €17,173,990 (£14.6m) to Chelsea."

Chelsea have so far declined to comment.

. . .
But for now, at a time when there is significant dispute among the anti-doping authorities and player-representation organisations about how to deal with positive tests for recreational drugs, the CAS's decision is a stark warning to any sportsman thinking of dabbling in prohibited substances.



  • 24 days of imprisonment for taking a man's life? Unbelievable.

    My cousin Benton Rollins, an elected district attorney, killed an elderly couple while impaired. He was just released last week from the Arkansas state penitentiary after serving three years. And as much as I love him as my relative, and presume that he got some sort of special treatment from the legal system given his status in the community, I still think he got off light and should be behind bars for another decade.

    By Blogger KeepDurhamDifferent!, at 10:27 PM  

  • What this says to me is that all the NFL cares about is the benjamins. Killed a man while drunk? Bad player! Come back in a month and we'll let you back in our little good 'ol boys club.
    Abused, tortured and killed a bunch of dogs? They're only dogs after all, come on back. Vick is one twisted, sick MF.

    By Blogger SteveG, at 10:49 PM  

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