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Monday, July 27, 2009


No idea what to make of this story:
Diez was driving his car off Interstate 40 at Exit 55 at about 11:24 a.m. Sunday when he saw Alan Ray Simons and his wife riding bikes up the road with Simons' 3-year-old son behind him in a bike seat, he said.

β€œHe decided he needed to tell them he thought it was unsafe that they would do that and have their child out there in an area where they had a lot of traffic,” Splain said.

Diez stopped his car and confronted Simons near 1360 Tunnel Road. When Simons began to walk away, Diez shot at him, (Asheville Police Capt. Tim) Splain said.

The bullet blew a hole through the outer lining of Simons' helmet and went straight through both sides of it, but he was not hit.

"Hey, buddy, i don't like the way you're endangering your child. So I'm gonna kill you."

Holy Christ. As if the roads aren't dangerous enough.


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