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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Number 5, baby!

But that's only because it's an alphabetical listing.
Durham, North Carolina
Once a tobacco town, Durham, N.C., has evolved into a world-class center of all things advanced. This city of 206,000, located halfway between the Atlantic coast and the Great Smoky Mountains, is called the "City of Medicine" because of its expansive healthcare industry. And although widely known as the home of prestigious Duke University, it's also a thriving technology hub. At the same time, Durham's mild climate allows residents to get out and explore the region's abundant outdoor attractions. Consider hiking one of the many distinct trails and greenways or heading over to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park for an afternoon baseball game.

Say what? Obviously written by someone who hasn't been here in, say, mid-July. For the record, the Bulls scheduled precisely 9 day games this season, including 2 11:05 starts which are specifically designated as schoolkid days. Thankfully, none of the day games are scheduled for July or August. There are two left, one on june 17, and the other on the last day of the regular season, Labor Day, September 7.

And, it's a bit disingenuous to say that our July temperature range is 86.84 °F/65.51 °F. Let's be real, it's a rare July day that doesn't hit 92 or better, and an even rarer July overnight that actually drops into the 60s. Most nights we don't even hit the dew point, which can be as high as 75 or 76.

Finally, i don't know what part of Durham has a sales tax rate of 4.25%. that's just blatantly bad fact checking.

h/t to KdN for the heads up.



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