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Friday, June 12, 2009

BQP - Evening wear competition

Some photos from the evening wear segment of the pageant. This will wrap up photos of last week's spectacular event. With luck, we'll start posting some video segments next week.

More photos are available for your viewing pleasure at the following links:
Michael Naclerio's flickr set.

Nirethak's blog.

Durham Magazine.

Barry Yeoman's flickr set.

Wenny Wigley's flickr set, featuring backstage photos of Beave Whisperer preparing for the big day.

Lisa Marie Albert's pictures.

And of course - the official Beaver Lodge photo album.

Beave Whisperer


Bupkiss Beaver

Dirty Beaver

Durga Beaver

HRM Elizabeaver I

And let me add, on a personal note, that the creativity and joy brought to the meadow by all of the contestants and judges, never ceases to amaze me. To think that all of this grew out of a couple of neighbors standing up to protect a handful of nocturnal mammals from destruction by the NCDOT.



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