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Monday, June 01, 2009

Beaver Queen Pageant - Meet the Judges

Next up in our distinguished line of fully bribeable judges is waitress extraordinaire Dam Flo.
“Dam Flo is everyone’s favorite waitress at the diner. “Kiss my beaver grits!” and “When beavers fly!” are her favorite phrases. She’s all flash and brash, but with a heart of gold, and she’s loved by all. She hails from Texas, where she helps her co-workers Mel, Alice and Vera. It’s not easy being the only southern beaver at Mel’s Diner, but as you can tell by her hair, she handles the job proudly.”

Our judges honor both the Florida and Chicago voting models, so before you stuff your ballots, you'll want to "tip" them appropriately. Just think of it as an honorarium.



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