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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beaver Queen Pageant - Meet the Band

Entertainment between segments of the pageant is always of the highest caliber, and this year is no exception. Magical Mystery Beaver has been working on new material all year. Check it out.
Magical Mystery Beaver is proud to be the house band for the Beaver Queen Pageant. These beavers got their start playing at night in the beaver pond on Avondale, the crickets and frogs their captive audience. One bright morning they crawled out of the pond, shed their sticks and went electric. The results have been fantastic, and the band has been doing a lot of woodshedding in preparation for the BQP.

Led by "the little dictator" Fidel Castoridae (vocals, trumpet, guitar), MMB's lineup features songs sung by rising stars Pearl Blade (who also plays congas and mandolin) and Dental Dam (who also plays tambourine and happens to be the band's dentist.) Aunt Betty Beaver shreds on rhythm guitar and is backed by the tightest rhythm section this side of the Cape Fear River Basin--Nolan Cleaver (drums, sticks) and Bucktooth Benson (bass.)

They look forward to rocking you with hits like "Black Magic Beaver;" "I can't get no Beaver Action;" "Psycho Beaver;" and "Beaver Queen."

And here's some action shots for your enjoyment.



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