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Friday, May 15, 2009

This looks like fun tonight

After you take in the monthly Third Friday activities, including a stop at the Scrap Exchange to view the Beaver Tail exhibit, head over to the Pinhook for
LET'S GET SMALL!: A Ukulele Challenge and Benefit Concert! It'll be an 8 act line-up of fancy and not-so-fancy panted musicians from the area, each plying their trade to "The Tiny Art" at the Pinhook on Friday May 15th, in what promises to be a hot damn grab bag of genres, original tunes, cover tunes, original cover tunes, and other noises. There will be ukes of all kinds, accompanying instruments of all flavors, the requisite smattering of animal sounds and costume changes, and if all goes well, the best taco truck ever!

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  • get small again when the uke prchestra plays at the Beaver Queen Pageant on June 6. who could ever forget flapper la tail?

    By Blogger Beaver, at 2:23 PM  

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