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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blues Festival ch-ch-changes

One big show at the old ballpark (DAP) this year, on Saturday, September 12, from 1 pm to midnight. Friday night's show will be the acoustic indoor show at Hayti center that formerly was held on Thursday night to kick off the weekend.

Makes a certain amount of sense, as attendance has been dropping over the past few years. And current pricing has made it difficult to afford going both nights. Not sure that Elvin Bishop as the headline act is going to reverse that trend, but we'll see. One thing that will have to change, i think, in going to a single, all day show. And that's the no re-entry policy. I wouldn't mind checking out the early sets, but 11 hours at the DAP?

Early tickets on sale through the Hayti Heritage Center on June 22. No word on prices yet.



  • "No re-entry" made more sense when the show was only 4 or 5 hours. I agree, expecting people to spend more time at DAP than they would at EITHER their job or at home (not including sleep) is odd.

    Does anyone know if they're gonna put down that weid plastic flooring to protect the field?

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