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Friday, January 09, 2009

Welcoming the 21st Century

Zipcar, which is described as the world's largest car-sharing company, has arrived on the Duke University campus.

Four self-service vehicles are available for rent on Duke's West Campus: two hybrid Toyota Priuses and two Toyota Matrixes.

Chuck Catotti, director of event management at Duke, said the "green" aspects of the program give people who want to reduce their carbon footprint more transportation choices.

"When you talk to people about why they can't consider alternative transportation, people often have lots of reasons," said Catotti, who oversees parking and transportation services. "This is one of the ways that help lower the barriers for being able to participate in alternative transportation."

Maybe they'll be successful enough to expand the service to the rest of Durham? Zipcar or one of their competitors combined with a more functional bus system (and sidewalks!) would make Durham a much happier place to get around in. Although why Duke's Zipcar rates are higher than, say, Philadelphia, is a little confusing. Must be that competition thing.



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