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Monday, November 24, 2008


A couple of beer related announcements to pass along.

For starters, the 2nd annual Black Friday Beer Festival (BF2, as the kewl kidz say), is happening this Friday, the 28th, from 3-7 pm at the Triangle Brewery on Pearl St.

Advance tix are $25 at Bull McCabe's and James Joyce. If there are any left, you can get 'em at the door for $30 on Friday, but Andy tells me that there's a strict limit on the number of tickets sold, so do yourself a favor and buy them early.

Sean Wilson, formerly of Pop the Cap (and the guy who started the BF2 thing last year) is pushing ahead with his Fullsteam Brewery project. An invite only party is happening on the 5th of December. Drop Sean a line at Sean AT fullsteam DOT ag if you want an engraved invitation to the event.



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