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Friday, October 03, 2008


Quite the turnout tonight at Broad Street Cafe to watch the VP debate. Clearly everyone didn't show up because they read about it here, but maybe some of you will be regulars for Drinking Liberally on Thursday nights. My take: I thought Palin stopped the bleeding, but probably didn't change any minds among Obama supporters. Biden's best moment was when he choked up talking about losing his wife and daughters. I'm guessing most people didn't know that about him.

Early poll results are saying that independents thought Biden "won" the debate. We'll see whose spinmeisters are more effective over the next 24 hours, though. One thing to remember. In 1998, Lloyd Bentsen mopped the floor with Dan Quayle. So what? People are voting for president and John McCain doesn't have too many opportunities left to change people's minds.



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