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Monday, September 29, 2008

Two thoughts

1. Rep. John Boehner is an asshole. The problem with the bailout is not what Nancy Pelosi had to say this morning. It's that George Bush and Dick Cheney were working the phones trying to get it passed. Republicans know better than Democrats how toxic those two are, and they're running as far away from them as they can get. If Bush wants this thing to pass, what he should do is have him and Cheney come out strongly against it.

2. Despite all the posturing, the bailout actually does very little to limit the so-called "golden parachutes" that many execs at failing companies are due to receive. It's in their contracts. But you know what? Companies routinely file for bankruptcy protection to get out of contracts they signed with their unionized employees to limit their exposure to health care and retirement fund commitments. Why are CEOs any better than line workers in this regard?

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