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Monday, November 26, 2007

Early stirrings in Lt. Governor race

i don't really have a dog in this fight yet, but this email from the Dan Besse campaign gives me something to hope for. Lt. Governor is not, as far as i can tell, a particularly significant position in NC government, but if Dan can bring these kinds of issues to the table, that's a good thing regardless.
The days after Thanksgiving are a great time to remember the importance of walking as exercise for our health, to be grateful when we have the safe opportunity for it, and to press for building safe walking opportunities for neighborhoods that don't have them now.

I'm speaking of the importance of safe pedestrian options like sidewalks, greenways, and safer street crossings. This also means good programs like "Safe Routes to School" (which helps promote healthy walking habits by schoolchildren through providing safe walking routes from neighborhoods to schools).

These are increasingly critical to dealing with a serious public health problem in our state and nation: the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. After all, how do we get our families out for a healthy walk unless there are safe places for them to stroll or run?

Both local and state actions are needed to bring safe, healthy walking opportunities to more of our citizens. As an elected local official—and one of my city's representatives to our urban area Transportation Advisory Committee—I understand the actions needed and have had the chance to actively promote them.

The email goes on to talk about the role Besse played in getting Winston-Salem to adopt its recent pedestrian plan and the importance of such blueprints to both growth and health issues.

Dan Besse's website is here.

As i said, i have no idea if Dan is the best candidate for Lt. Governor at this time. But it would be great if any of our Durham Councilpeople would remember that we've had a pedestrian plan for almost a year and a half, and start talking it up and finding the money to get it implemented.

UPDATE: Good discussion on the LG race over at Blue NC this morning. So far, only Hampton Dellinger has chimed in, but i expect to see comments form at least one if not all of the other Democratic candidates. More discussion here.

: LG candidates Pat Smathers and Dan Besse have also posted some remarks at the BlueNC threads linked to just above.

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  • I am a big Hampton Dellinger fan for this office -- not only does he hold impeccable stances on the issues, he's a great, genuine guy plus his wife works for NARAL. They are both very nice people and Durhamites as well.

    I met and talked to Dan Besse last year abnd, honestly, he put me to sleep. And he's too mainstream current regime for me.

    Here's the Dellinger website:

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:32 PM  

  • Thanks. I'm not sure that being a soporific speaker is a disqualification for the Lt. Gov. position. I am impressed when someone makes walkability of our urban environment a campaign issue.

    I'll check out Dellinger's campaign as well. I believe the primary is first week of May, so that leaves a bit of time to get to know the candidates.

    By Blogger Barry Ragin, at 9:26 AM  

  • Here's a link to an interesting N&O article on this race that appeared today. I think it's safe to say that at least Dalton might be crossed off your list after reading it. Nothing like a Democrat who votes for executing the mentally retarded:

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:37 AM  

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