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Friday, November 23, 2007


If anyone in a decision making position at the Durham Herald-Sun wonders why nobody gives a flying fuck about their stupid paper anymore, perhaps this article will answer your questions. Yep, it's another press release from a partisan organization passed off as news, in this case from the morons at the John Locke Foundation attempting to debunk the climate change scenario by claiming:
Environmentalists claim that their alarming view of the Earth's climate represents the 'consensus' of climate scientists, and that the scientific literature provides no room for a more benign assessment of the causes and nature of climate risks. In reality, papers that contradict this ostensible consensus are published in the major scientific journals nearly every week.

Umm, the only "scientific journals" that publish this kind of bullshit are the ones sponsored by the JLF and their ideology first, science last brethren. The real science is pretty much indisputable.

There's still a handful of people attempting to do good work over at the Herald Sun. Too bad for them, because this kind of idiocy tarnishes everything else that appears in the same pages.

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