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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Judge orders release of Floyd Lee Brown

Floyd Lee Brown has been in state custody for 14 years, accused of robbery and murder. He's got an IQ of fifty, and the evidence linking him to the crimes has been scant to non-existent. He was ordered released earlier today.
A mentally retarded man ruled incompetent to stand trial on robbery and murder charges but held in state custody for 14 years while he fought his case was ordered released on Monday.

A judge dismissed the charges against Floyd Brown, 43, even though prosecutors said he was dangerous and refused to drop the case. He's been held at a state mental hospital while he challenged the allegations.

"Somehow, it is possible for him to be held until he dies," said Durham County Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson. "To me, it doesn't seem right."

Let's see how much compensation he gets for fourteen years of his life.

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