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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Biting my tongue

Just go read Ray Gronberg's piece in the Herald-Sun this morning about "the shrinking bond package" city officials are fretting about.

The gist is that inflation has sucked up about a quarter of the value of the construction bonds voters approved just 19 months ago, and the city's not going to be able to build a lot of what it promised.

I've got some plans that the city presented to the Duke Park Neighborhood Association about how it was going to spend the 1996 bond money renovating Duke Park. We could look at them in the "meadow" behind the abandoned bathhouse on Saturday afternoon, as we get ready for the Beaver Queen Pageant. That's where the grand entrance plaza, complete with synchronized water feature and 30 foot tall climbing wall was going to go.

Come on, people. How can our city administrators get caught off guard like this time after time? Over promising and under delivering is not a good recipe for staying in office. Sooner or later, this lesson will be learned.

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