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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beaver Queen Pageant - Meet your contestants

Third in a series

Today, let us introduce you to World Wide Beaver, a mysterious and exotic contestant about whom very little is known beyond what she writes in to tell us.
World Wide Beaver is overjoyed to be appearing in Duke Park for the first time… landing in the southeast to take a break from her hectic global schedule. Just what exactly this Beaver does professionally defies conventional definitions but suffice it to say that she responds to the need for a dedicated and dependable Beaver, wherever her journey may take her. Much like a Global Priority Package, this Beaver can be where she is needed by 10 am the next business day. Unlike a more well known globetrotter, Britain’s 007, she does not carry a license to kill, but her performances have been known to knock ‘em dead.

World Wide is known for her love of folk art and global theatre traditions. Lately she finds herself increasingly convinced that every beaver lodge should be required to have it’s own theme song and dance. She’s been told that the Duke Park’s Lodge has already created one and she can’t wait to learn it and share it ‘round the world.

It’s been a busy year for World Wide and these days she hardly knows what country she is in or what language will come out of her mouth. She is as eager to see what tricks she pulls out of her tail for the talent competition as the rest of you are – all she can guarantee is that it will surely be silly and will most likely reflect all that
she’s learned on the job.

The lodge is very excited by World Wide Beaver's entry into the pageant. We hope you are as well, and will come on out to Duke Park on Saturday, June 2, at 6pm to cheer on World Wide Beaver and all of our other contestants. Check back here over the next few days to meet the rest of our contestants and celebrity judges, and for other exciting Beaver Queen Pageant news.



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