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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Good news kids - you only have to hold it for 12 more days!

According to a recent email i received from Rhonda Parker, interim Director of Durham Parks and Recreation Department, the bathrooms at the Duke Park bathhouse are scheduled to be opened on April 15.

They're closed every year for winter.

Couple of thoughts:

Throughout the winter, there are many mild afternoons that bring dozens of children to Duke Park to play on the new, $400,000, playground. Is it really not possible to provide, you know, accommodations for them throughout the year? If the bathhouse was actually renovated, it might even be possible to have water running year round in the toilets without worrying about bursting pipes.

Kinda like the bathrooms on an intersate rest area.

I also keep hearing that the USDA is going to move Durham from Zone 7 (last frost date mid-April) to Zone 8 (last frost date late March). When that happens, could we at least reschedule the times when the bathrooms are locked up to correspond with the new dates? That'll keep some of the kids out of the woods doing their business, if you know what i mean, and i think you do.

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