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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not with a bang . . .

But a whimper:
A 2008 Durham case marked by sensational accounts of Satanism and sadomasochism appears to have wound to a close with best-interest misdemeanor pleas by a man first charged with rape and kidnapping, and by a woman charged with letting those crimes happen.

Joseph Scott Craig, 26, and wife Joy Suzanne Johnson, 31, have entered Alford pleas, under which defendants do not admit guilt but concede that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict them.

Durham defense attorney Woody Vann said the pleas were entered and approved Nov. 17 in Superior Court. The action brought an apparent end to a case that included testimony that defendants and victims lived in the same house, brought together by a mutual interest in Satanism.

I guess the Attorney General's office didn't think this was a newsworthy enough event to warrant holding a press conference, sending out a news release, or even issuing a statement to the media. And it's been over a week since the pleas were actually entered.


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