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Friday, November 20, 2009

Commissioners followup

I've written and said this on a number of occasions. On its merits, i'm really agnostic about the proposed 751 Assemblage development. I'm not convinced that a high density urban core development belongs on the shores of Jordan Lake. Nor am i necessarily in favor of the lower density suburban sprawl development that the site is already zoned for.

That aside, though, it's pretty clear to me that the actions of the current Board of County Commissioners are unconscionable. Too bad it's three years before we can send some of these clowns packing.

In the meantime, the only resolution to the matter at hand is to move the issue of the validity of the protest petition files by opponents of the project to court. Either we live in a county where the rules are applied fairly to all citizens, or we don't. Certain members of the BoCC seem to feel that it's the latter.

If you want to show them that's not the case, the best way to do that now is to support a lawsuit against the Commissioners to get them to recognize the opinion of the Durham City/County Planning Department that a protest petition filed against the 751 Assemblage project was valid. Do this by sending a check (put 'Jordan Lake Protest Petition Suit' in the memo) made out to "Ragsdale Liggett Trust Account" and mailing it to Ragsdale Liggett, PLLC, Post Office Box 31507, Raleigh 27622

Want some more info on this? Send an email to mmr121570 AT yahoo DOT com with "Jordan Lake Lawsuit" in the subject line.

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