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Sunday, November 08, 2009



We busted our asses between 04 and 08 to get a solid Democratic majority in the NC Congressional delegation.

I hope Larry Kissell remembers how much money he raised for his two campaigns from progressives all across the state when he tries to figure out how to replace it in his re-election campaign next year.

And don't get me started on Democrats who voted for the Stupak "Women are second-class citizens" amendment. Fuck Heath Shuler and Bobby Etheridge.

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  • Sometimes I think we just get the wool pulled over our eyes giving money to a candidate to "make a district blue" without realizing we're not getting much of an improvement.

    Heath Shuler, by the way, apparently lived at the infamous C-Street house along with Ensign, Sanford, and Stupak.

    Our huge majorities in both houses seem meaningless when the caucus can't stick together. (MAYBE, we'll get 60 votes for cloture in the Senate. We'll have to kiss Lieberman's lobbyist-infested ass to do it, though).

    By Blogger toastie, at 4:26 PM  

  • By Blogger toastie, at 4:31 PM  

  • fixed link in above comment.

    By Blogger Barry, at 6:23 PM  

  • And this morning, WRAL says Hagan (DINO, NC) is worried about the cost of HCR. NO, she's worried about her insurance company stock. Doesn't seem to bother her when the money is for funding a couple of useless wars.

    By Blogger MK, at 5:12 AM  

  • Kucinich voted against it???

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:45 AM  

  • My guess is Kucinich voted against it because it wasn't single payer.

    By Blogger Tanner Lovelace, at 10:26 AM  

  • And sure enough, here's Kucinich's statement on why he voted no:

    By Blogger Tanner Lovelace, at 10:28 AM  

  • Although it's not the best possible plan, and it's not even a really good plan at that, it's a step in the right direction that's a damn sight better than doing nothing. I can't even figure out what the Democratic Party's position on anything is anymore.

    At least with the Republicans, you know where they stand: Obama must be stopped.

    Democrats? I can't figure it out.

    But if they continue to try to appease the remaining "centrists" out there by adopting Republican positions, they will deserve the drubbing they get in the 2010 elections.

    The only question will be whether the country can survive their spinelessness.

    By Blogger Barry, at 10:34 AM  

  • Perhaps Bob Etheridge and Heath Shuler own stock in coat hanger manufacturers.

    Because anyone who's had a kid in the last decade, and paid any attention during pre-natal checkups, realizes that D&C procedures aren't simply performed because "the mother doesn't want a child."

    My wife and I were horrified at the possibility of having to make that choice, if any of the pre-natal screening tests came back indicating a severe problem, but at least we would have been afforded the choice. (Thankfully, we had no such need to worry.)

    I guess Bob and Heath would prefer that anyone who isn't afforded platinum-level health insurance bear the cost of treating children born with exposed spinal columns and malformed brain stems, or the recovery of would-be-mothers who were forced to deliver hydranencephalic miscarriages (because it's considered an abortion, even if the fetus has died in-utero).


    By Blogger Dan S., at 2:51 PM  

  • Shuler will never get another penny of mine, but it was still money well spent. If Shuler completely fails to do anything as a representative, it will still be a radical improvement over Charles Taylor. As far as I'm concerned, he's not a Democrat, he's a placeholder.

    Kissell is more of a disappointment. His campaign was largely driven by progressive activists, and his message was far more progressive. Shuler, at least, ran very definitively as a conservative Democrat, and is voting like it. In his campaign, he basically supported Roe and not much else. It's Kissell who seems like much more of a sellout to me.

    By Blogger Michael Bacon, at 11:04 AM  

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