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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Spotted what?

6:17pm UK, Tuesday September 08, 2009
"Childish" remarks about top British pudding Spotted Dick has forced a council in Wales to change the name on its menu.

They will now call it "Spotted Richard" or "Sultana Sponge".

The decision was made by canteen staff at Flintshire County Council after they became fed up with immature comments from customers choosing the pudding.

A spokesperson from the council says staff just wanted to put an end to the childish comments they received every time they served Spotted Dick.

But John Midgley, the co-founder of the Campaign Against Political Correctness, told Sky News he thinks the council "will be made a laughing-stock of" and that the move will be "completely and utterly counter-productive".

And when Sky News asked food critic Michael Winner about the decision he said he found it "absolutely ridiculous beyond belief".

He added: "Spotted Dick is a classic and lovely name for a traditional British dish."

I'm already on it, chief.



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