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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Still confused about the new curbside recycling program changes in Durham? Get the first hand scoop from Larrisha McGill, the Waste Reduction Coordinator for the city, at tonight's Inter-Neighborhood Council meeting. INC meets at 7 pm in the community room at the Herald Sun building on Pickett Road, just off 15/501.

By the way - blogging is going to be pretty light this week and next as i get to use manly power tools on not one but two renovation projects around Rancho Dependable, aka Soggy Bottom. Y'all stay out of trouble.



  • I want to know why it's such a freaking disaster, two months after changing the schedule. Here in Trinity Park we are still not getting reliable service -- witness all of the blue recycling bins still on the curb on Norton St.

    I'm glad I kept my bin, because my neighbors and I are just going to keep the rolling bins on the curb in hopes that they will one day be emptied. What an eyesore.

    By Blogger KeepDurhamDifferent!, at 3:29 PM  

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