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Friday, August 14, 2009

Town hall?

So i've gotten one first hand report from someone who went to last night's town hall at NCCU. Alas, arriving at 7 PM meant the hall was already full and closed to new arrivals. Outside, supporters outnumbered opponents by 60 - 40, according to my correspondent.

The Herald-Sun notes
The pro side also got some help from the "Billionaires Against Health Care," a group of protesters who, tongues planted firmly in cheeks, came dressed in gowns and tuxes and waved champagne glasses and hats. "Let them eat Advil," "Let's widen the healthcare gap," their signs stated.

"Less health, more wealth," the protesters chanted.

Good. More of that, please.

And maybe it's because i'm stupid, but i don't see any coverage over at the N&O site, either in the Durham section or the State and Local section.


Meanwhile, the crack N&O political team reports that some Democrats are avoiding the town hall format, but Josh Marshall is wondering why nobody is reporting on Republican Congress critters who are not holding town halls, or restricting admission?

When George Bush rolled through Raleigh in February of 2005 on his "Shut down Social Security and spend his political capital" tour, admission was restricted, and opponents were confined to a small park across the street and away from the cameras. Quite a far cry from what's going on in Montana today, as Obama holds his second public meeting in a week.

As Atrios said succinctly earlier this week, "nobody could've predicted that electing a black man president would drive this country completely fucking insane."

So, any of you go to last night's Town Hall? What did you see?



  • It was about 60-40 supporters/opposition inside as well. As I noted in the comments on the H-S story, it was essentially set up to provide an appearance of support for the President's plan. The opposition learned of the town hall meeting only that morning, and people who called Congressman Price's office were being told there was no town hall (technically true, since he wasn't running it - but ...). The police who were frisking people on entry were also prohibiting signs; however, apparently smaller signs were allowed, but only the SEANC folks knew that and they of course had a bunch of signs of the right size.

    While the SEANC MC said they were non-partisan, the discussion panel was entirely composed of proponents of Obama's plan - there were no opposition speakers on the stage.

    Only about twenty people got to actually talk to Congressman Price because so much time was devoted to introducing the panel and letting them speak. The total time for public comments was only about 50 minutes. We had a better discussion outside after it was over.

    By Blogger Matt, at 2:46 PM  

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