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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Shooting the Bull

I'm really excited about tonight's show. Pam Spaulding, blogger extraordinaire and publisher of Pam's House Blend, stops by to talk with me and Kevin about blogging, politics, Durham, and who knows what else. Tonight at 7:30 pm, on WXDU. Listen online here, or over the air at 88.7 fm.



  • Great interview with Pam. You guys were clicking all cylinders.

    Pam's a little like Blind Boy Fuller. She's better known outside of Durham than here at home.

    A remarkable person. We were lucky to have Pam as a neighbor for several years. (Below is more about Pam -- before she hit the big time.)



    April 2003 (excerpts)

    PAC2 and Old West Durham volunteer, Pam Spaulding, was recognized by Duke officials at a special dinner last night. Tired from her trip to the Final Four, even Nan Keohane stopped by to congratulate Pam -- who didn't know why she was there. :)

    Pam was enthusiastically nominated by the Old West Durham neighborhood, for the 2003 Duke University's Employee Community Service Award.

    In 1995, we had no neighborhood association. One of the first goals of our new group was to build a sense of community.

    Today, local newspapers call us one of Durham's most active and effective neighborhood groups. A very, very large part of our success is the result of Pam Spaulding's tireless and ongoing commitment to improve the community.

    The first thing Pam did was create a web site to help build that sense of community that was lost.

    Designed and maintained by Pam from the beginning, our neighborhood history webpages have been honored by the Historic Preservation Society of Durham, Preservation North Carolina, and by the United States Library of Congress.

    We've added dozens of pages of recollections and old photographs from long-time residents. Recent efforts include accounts from Italian stonecutters who built Duke Chapel and called West Durham home, a Nevada resident who grew up in West Durham's African American community of Brookstown, Duke Press historians for an early 'blue collar' history of Ellerbe Creek, and Hall of Fame composer John D. Loudermilk (who was born in Old West Durham and wrote the song, 'Tobacco Road').

    Due to these efforts, we've been contacted by several Duke students, teachers and staff seeking more information about the communities near campus.

    Along the way, our neighborhood association was bestowed with the Herald-Sun's "Durham Grit" Award, MuniNet Guide Review's best community site in the nation award, and the Independent Weekly's "Citizen Award" for "tireless dedication to making our community a better place to live."

    Pam was directly involved in all these efforts and then some.

    When the Partners Against Crime needed a co-chair, Pam walked up to the plate to serve. PAC2 builds bridges with police officers and empowers citizens with information on how to access the resources available to them in various areas, such as crime prevention, safety and housing. As co-chair, Pam moderated meetings between neighborhoods and officers
    in the police district near Duke.

    A modern-day Paula Revere, Pam has worked tirelessly to get information out to the community -- by building the multi-neighborhood group's website and improve communications among Duke's closest neighbors via what has become one of Durham's most active community listserv.

    For her quiet and effective efforts, Pam Spaulding richly deserves Duke University's Employee Community Service Award for 2003.

    John Schelp, president
    Old West Durham Neighborhood Association

    Kelly Rimer, past-president
    Old West Durham Neighborhood Association


    By Blogger John, at 3:11 PM  

  • The bad news, alas, is that due to an equipment failure at the station, no recording of this interview is available. So there will be no podcast.

    By Blogger Barry, at 3:15 PM  

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