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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Duke Blue Devil

Did i mention i went to my first b-ball game of the season on Monday night, Duke women v Maryland? It was a good one. Duke, up by 11 at the half, held on for a 3 point victory. I think Maryland actually took the lead by a point with about 5 minutes to play.

It was also my first look at the revised Duke Blue Devil. His face is narrower and more angular. I guess it's supposed to be more sinister, but i think it just looks more ethnic, if you know what i mean and i think you do. And what is up with the fake spandex muscles? That's just silly. Unfortunately, i didn't bring my camera, and i can't find a picture of the new guy on line anywhere. for you to look at. Maybe next time.

UPDATE: Steve was kind enough to forward a link to one of his photos of the new Blue Devil. (Don't know if you need a facebook account to view it or not)

Check out those fake biceps. I really think they need to rig up a harness and have him fly across the court during one of the incessant TV timeouts.



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