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Monday, November 10, 2008

God bless America!

From the comments over at the Herald Sun article on Libertarian Mike Munger's run for governor:
There just don't seem to be enough people around any more who have the backbone to take a principled stand no matter what the propaganda says or what the cost is. I just refuse to vote if I don't feel like there's a choice. I've already heard the parrots with their arguments about people dying for my right to vote, let your voice be heard, doing your duty, blah, blah, blah. It's all manipulative. I don't care if democracy collapses. I won't vote for any one of these manipulators (but I would have voted for Ron Paul). It's the one thing they can't take from me.

You could always move to China, you know. Or Russia. Sounds like your kind of place.



  • While I don't agree with the sentiment, part of the right to vote surely must include the right to not vote.

    By Blogger Michael Bacon, at 1:03 PM  

  • It's the "I don't care if democracy collapses" part of the argument that i have a few problems with.

    there aren't that many alternatives to democracy out there, and i think the most of them are less preferable.

    By Blogger Barry, at 1:19 PM  

  • If a person says they don't want to vote, and if it sounds like that if they DID vote, it would NOT be for my preferred candidate, I would be more than happy to fetch them Doritos and a 3 liter bottle of Diet Mountain Dew to stay at home with.

    That's what I would do.

    Every time.

    No. Questions. Asked.


    By Blogger Tony, at 9:46 PM  

  • A dumb comment followed up by a dumb suggestion. Just because someone is expressing their frustration with how our system of democracy is rigged. Rigged in that the Democrats and the Republicans did not have to burn up 1/4 million dollars and countless volunteer hours just to get on the ballot did they? And was it not the Democrats and the Republicans who set up the ballot access rules. You would have to be a complete idiot to not recognize that as
    a conflict of interest. Choices are limited to who the leaders or the beneficiaries of the government want to have a place on the ballot. So why is it such a surprise when people say why bother. I don't think my forefathers fought and died so that I could only vote between a handpicked terd sandwich or a giant douche. The founders were also against gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is the reason over 50% of the races in this state go unchallenged. People rail against oligopolies in the market place but accept it in USA and specifically NC politics.

    By Blogger Joy, at 11:35 PM  

  • There is of course always the option of seeking the nomination yourself. I suspect that if your opponents were a turd sandwich and a giant douche you might actually stand a chance of winning.

    By Blogger Barry, at 11:39 PM  

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